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Open letter for President Barack Obama Open letter for President Barack Obama POPULAR

Dear Mr. President Barrack Obama,

Together with this letter addressed to you, I have included another letter addressed to President Felipe Calderon, president of Mexico. I kindly request that you give him this letter when you meet with him today.

I am writing to you, Mr. President, out of my great frustration, as I have sent hand delivered letters to President Calderon through intermediaries of my confidence, and am certain he has received them, but I have never gotten a response. It is urgent that President Calderon take action to detain and  prosecute the terrorists who kidnapped my husband and I as well as others, including other Americans, and who have also carried out many terrorist attacks on Mexican soil. President Calderon has also neglected to detain and prosecute the individuals within the Mexican political, judicial and law-enforcement systems who protect these terrorists from being brought to justice.
I recognize your commitment to insuring peace and security for Americans abroad. I was kidnapped in Mexico, along with my husband, Eduardo Garcia Valseca. Eduardo spent 7 1/2 months in captivity, was shot twice, injected with contaminated blood, and starved to the brink of death. Our story has been well documented in the Washington Post and on NBC’s Dateline.
Despite our efforts, by going through the proper channels, cooperating fully with Mexican law-enforcement at a federal level, we have gotten no results, and no response from President Calderon and his government. These terrorists continue to kidnap, extort, and carry out terrorist attacks in Mexico, growing stronger every day.
Apparently, Mexico tolerates terrorism. I have documentation to prove that this terrorist group and others like them in Mexico, could now pose a serious threat to U.S. national security.
Thank you for your attention to this matter of great importance, and again, my husband and I humbly request that you please see to it that President Felipe Calderon receives our letter.



Jayne M. Rager


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